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       Deli Department
            Dept head: Dora Lazo

In an effort to promote local flavour, a great deal of our dips and cheeses are produced on the Island and surrounding areas

  • Our deli is committed to the best service for all of our customers. In order to do this, we pride ourselves on quick and exceptional service, and all of the finest quality Freybe and Cuddy sandwich and specialty meats and salamis.
  • We offer a wide selection of cheeses. Click HERE for more information.
    Party Trays
  • We would love to cater your next party or gathering, and offer numerous trays and gift baskets
  • Come in and try our fresh Sushi and Chinese dinners, brought in each morning!
  • Our hot case is always full with lunch specials for people on the go and the best roast potatoes and bbq chickens in town.
  • Try our FRESH, LOCALLY made Sabri butter chicken dinners as well as a selection of samosas and naanwiches
  • Visit in store to find all the locally produced curry pockets and other savoury items.

Some of our specialty items are:

Freybe Logo
  • Vegetarian Items from Veggie Fast Foods, including Veggie Pate, Brushetta, Roasted Red Pepper Homous, Baba Ganouj, Mediterranean and Vegetarian Rolls
  • Sausage, Chicken and Smoked Salmon Rolls, Filo Pies, Quiche, all made fresh to offer you a quick and delicious lunch or dinner
  • Cheeses from all over the world
  • Fresh Samosas from the SpiceJammer Restaurant
  • Salads made fresh by Arbutus Ridge Salads, and others made right here in our very own deli!
  • Delectibles by Dar Antipasto, Pickled Beans, Asparagus and Carrots.
  • Fresh Pita Breads
  • Hot Soup made each morning and served with a piece of bread
  • Garden, Caesar and Spinach Salads made daily
  • Our very own Quesadillas and Pizzas


  • Our deli offers numerous fine cheeses,
    Party Trays
    both local and imported. We are proud to provide our customers with a vast selection of well-known and specialty cheeses.
  • Locally, we bring cheeses in from Natural Pastures Cheese Co., Salt Spring Cheese Co., McClennan Creek Dairy, and Little Qualicum Cheese Co. These companies offer a variety of soft and hard cheeses that we are proud to carry!
  • A variety of Goat and Feta cheeses
  • Local Holy Homous Hips
  • We are currently doing our best to stock ourNatural Pastures Logo cases with a wide variety of imported cheeses, including Double Gloucester, English Stilton, Blue Shropshire, French Andre Triple Cream Brie, White and Blue Castellos, Danish Regato Parmesan, Reggiano Parmigiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino
    Little Qualicum Cheeseworks
    Romano and a wide variety of Goudas.

       Quality & Service Guaranteed   –   100% Victoria Owned